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Camille Uldry

master of coin

equestrian 🐴, 6-9 (for the meme 😉) - official unofficial official fenway board member - will trade firstborn for housing points 👼

Dalila Valdes

house manager - steward

mom and dad of the house at the same time - sugar addict in denial - cat lover and puzzle enjoyer

Kiersten Mitzel


Shakespeare enthusiast, hair dye connoisseur, circuit lover, girlboss

Jaden Anderson

rush chair

pizza roll aficionado - gen chem hater and orgo lover - will scream if approached by any mice

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Endy Beltran

best hair to glasses ratio (don’t tell fiona) - middle school statewide baseball champion - knows where your parents live and all about your favourite celebrities - mechanic by heart, chemical engineer by trade - overall, a person of few (but wise) words and misleading first impressions… mysterious indeed.


Fiona Gillespie

best hair to glasses ratio and everybody knows it 💁 - model robotics stem girl of your dreams - also goes under the name of Bagel Boss, Master Flipper and Puzzle Crusher - secretly in love with Joe Gol… i mean Penn Badgley - knows all languages, or like five which is pretty much the same thing - #Swifty4life


Mark Jabbour

computer scientist - will seduce you through the mystical maté arts - syrian by birth, fenway by choice


Tara Sarma

I am a junior majoring in 6-9 who likes art theatre tech, and building things.


Andrew Li

wannabe musician and computer nerd (long live 6-2) kind of a coffee snob but will drink anything to get that high


Daniel Ogbe

I’m a senior, math major, and my favorite hobby is biking everyday from Fenway to MIT!


Grace Song

crusty 6-3 MEng - likes ben and jerry's 🍦 and public transport 🚇 - dislikes worms (i.e. would not love you if you turned into one) and sweating


Julius Tao

cooking up spaghetti code - blasting afrobeats/reggaeton - watermelon addict - loves hiking, hates running - Georgian on your mind

fenbeings: Team Members
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